We believe that good governance is good business.

As a provider of health care and services to seniors, we are particularly aware of the value of trust and transparency. Our commitment to the principles of disclosure, a strong, independent board of directors and the delivery of quality services while building shareholder value, is well established and enduring.

As we embark on the new and exciting chapter of our journey in Canada, we look forward to working together toward the bright future that lies ahead.

Shareholders are encouraged to contact the Board to discuss their specific concerns either in writing, care of the Corporate Secretary of Extendicare, or by email at governance_matters@extendicare.com.

Information posted was accurate at the time of posting but may be superseded by subsequent disclosures.

Select governance documents of Extendicare are provided below:

Document Type
Extendicare Statement of Governance Practices PDF
Extendicare Board Chair Mandate PDF
Extendicare Committee Chairs Mandate PDF
Extendicare By-Laws PDF
Extendicare Certificate of Amalgamation PDF
Extendicare Business Conduct Policy PDF
Extendicare Disclosure Policy PDF
Extendicare Say on Pay Policy PDF
Extendicare Majority Voting Policy PDF
Extendicare Shareholder Rights Plan - May 2018 PDF

Our governance practices meet the Toronto Stock Exchange's Corporate Governance Guidelines. Our Board and Committee members operate under Charters that clearly define their roles and responsibilities. These include:

Stewardship - Extendicare's Board oversees the management of Extendicare, reviews and approves long-term corporate strategy, and ensures that management works to maximize shareholder value in a way that is consistent with good corporate citizenship.

Independence - The majority of the Directors of Extendicare are independent of management, and free from any interests or relationships. The roles of our CEO and Board Chairman are separate.

Effectiveness - People are appointed to the Extendicare Board based on their ability to make an effective contribution.

Accountability - The Board operates under a Business Conduct policy that addresses conflicts of interest, confidentiality, protection of company assets, fair dealing and compliance with laws, rules and regulations.

As required by the Canadian securities regulators, the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer certify Extendicare's consolidated financial statements and related disclosure materials.