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Ana Maria Monroy Cortes shares a special bond with her home care client

Posted: 2021-10-18

Today, on Health Care Aide Day, we’re sharing stories of some of our dedicated team members.

Ana Maria Monroy Cortes feels like she gets back more than she gives in her role as a health care aide.

After nearly 30 years, Theresa Cholette’s best advice is to let compassion be your guide

Posted: 2021-10-18

In honour of Health Care Aide Day, here’s the second story that we’re sharing of one our Health Care Aides at Extendicare.

It’s been a “lifelong adventure” for Theresa Cholette, 53, to work in the health-care field. Celebrating her 10-year

anniversary this year as a Health Care Aide at Extendicare Eaux Claire in Edmonton, Alberta, Theresa says she’s never looked back at her choice to be a caregiver.

Elpidio Alviles has created a better future for his family through his work as a Health Care Aide

Posted: 2021-10-18

In honour of Health Care Aide Day, here is our third story that we're sharing about one of our Health Care Aides.

Four years after he left his home in the Philippines and moved to Canada in search of a better life, Elpidio Alviles already feels like his gamble has paid off.

An internationally trained nurse with several years of experience in hospitals and community settings, Elpidio, 44, has been working for more than three years as a health care aide for ParaMed Home Health Care Services in Winnipeg, providing care to patients inside their homes.


Posted: 2021-07-27

New home built to modern design standards will enhance privacy and improve quality of life for 192 residents.

COVID-19 Testing Program Marks One Year of Making Long-Term Care Homes Safer

Posted: 2021-06-01

Extendicare pilot paved the way for a standardized approach to protecting homes through frequent surveillance testing. One year and 285,000 PCR tests as well as 280,000 rapid tests later, program is still making a difference.

As we turn this corner of the COVID-19 pandemic, the future looks bright

Posted: 2021-05-31

In long-term care, we are witnessing a turning point in our battle with COVID-19.

We have seen a dramatic decline in the infection rates experienced by Extendicare long-term care homes and Esprit retirement communities and new outbreaks are now a rarity. Despite the significant challenges we faced during the past 18 months, the future of the seniors’ care sector is bright.

As we continue to focus on keeping people safe, and maintain vigilance in our fight against the virus, we are also looking ahead, driven by our mission to create a better future for seniors’ care in Canada.

Long-term care is in a safe position to step up and help

Posted: 2021-04-27

Extendicare’s partnership with The Ottawa Hospital will provide transitional care to patients in need


A cursory glance at the news over the last couple of weeks will tell you there is a serious situation in Ontario’s hospitals.

The third wave of COVID-19 has put considerable strain on Ontario’s health system. For the long-term care community in Canada, it feels all too familiar – with staff overstretched, burnt out and getting sick themselves, and a shortage of staff to replace them.

Giving Back to Long-Term Care Heroes | A year into pandemic fight, Extendicare renews investment in Senior Living CaRES Fund

Posted: 2021-03-22

More than $2.3 million has been awarded to 679 senior living workers across Canada. Applications are open again to help even more heroes

A year into this pandemic fight, as the shape-shifting COVID-19 virus adapts and evolves, the care providers in our homes have only shown more resolve.

At Extendicare, we continue to be humbled by those on the frontlines — the love, sense of duty and responsibility, the dedication and professionalism. On top of the hard work, and heartbreak, there is heroism, determination and clear, unrelenting focus.

Building on Lessons and Remaining Vigilant

Posted: 2021-03-15

As we continue to immunize residents and staff against COVID-19, there is growing optimism across long-term care communities that there are better days ahead and an eventual recovery from the global pandemic.

There have been tragic losses suffered over the past year, and extreme hardships endured by residents, clients, families and staff. However, the arrival of vaccines and the use of rapid point-of-care testing in our homes are reasons for hope.

Inspired to Take Care, No Matter What's Needed | Meet Sharon Johnson, Health Care Aide, ParaMed

Posted: 2021-03-12

Inspired to Take Care, No Matter What’s Needed

Sharon Johnson is a lot of things to a lot of people.

As a Health Care Aide, she can be a smiling face on a tough day or a comedian with a joke on hand. Sometimes she’s the person who can open the water bottle and make sure breakfast is ready. Most days she’s a lot of these things.